Desjardins Medical Claim Reviews

I asked them what's the qualification of their medical director and they refused to answer. I suspected they don't have the qualified doctor to look at claim. Also bought critical illness from Industrial Alliance and BMO insurance. I can claim it thru them. Their terms and conditions are the same. Why can't I get it from other company but not them. They asked me to appeal. But they asked me to see doctor to get the same report again. ...
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I didn't like
  • Failure to pay out life insurance policy
Desjardins - This company should be charged with fraud.
I was told there medical people had deemed me fit to return to work, even though my doctor hadn't and I never seen there doctors. After going 6 weeks with no income I was forced back to work early. Work sent me for a physical which I failed, but Dejardins had already mailed me a check for the 6 weeks that were owed. I was off for 7 more weeks, never was paid, passed the physical then they sent me a check for 7 weeks. There a bunch of crooks....
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Desjardins Medical Claim Review

Desjardins insurance policy is not worth the paper it is written on!! They have terrible customer service representatives. Very hard to get ahold of, and seem to try everything to avoid paying claim. Extremely dissatisfied. Avoid desjardins insurance