Owen Sound, Ontario

My wife had a long term disability (LTD) policy with Desjardins and despite having had 2 strokes these dirt bags refused to pay anything because and I quote "we have determined that she can perform her work". They never met or saw wife or assessed her in any way. They made this decision despite our doctors reports stating she could not work safely. Do not Insure yourself with this company unless you want to *** your money away and have no protection.

Do all you can to move any group policy to another company. They did not honor her agreement and may not honor yours. They have elevated the runaround to an art form. They demonstrated a lack of integrity and a lack caring in the least. Their interest was lining their own pockets.

Be very aware of this company. This could happen to you!

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I experienced the same issue. This is a horrible insurance company.

I have disability insurance with them. They have never met me or assessed me. Claim was automatically denied. I have a physical job.

I am unable to perform the job I was hired to do. I have documentation from medical doctor stating I am not fit to do the job I was hired to do. I worked hard to graduate in the top of my class and obtained necessary certifications that were needed to work in the field. I am a career oriented person with a family to support.

Thanks Desjardins for destroying my life.

Do not count on this company for financial security. Your claim will be denied.


I'm sorry to hear of what happened. I hope things have improved with your wife's health over the past year.

I also say DON'T use them for auto or home insurance. They have horrific customer service during a claim. A minor car accident where I was rearended.. 100% the other guy's fault.. 12 weeks later and the claim is only JUST now being finalized and certainly not to my satisfaction. They were lazy and kept pushing my file to the bottom of the pile since it was very minor (no injuries, just bumper damage) and only ever did anything when I would contact them to ask what was taking so long. I got more information about the claim from the OTHER driver's ins company than I did from my own. I incurred some interest costs, due to THEIR delays, on the deductible they made me pay up front (wtf??? never had to do that before). They refuse to reimburse me for the $15 I've asked for. So... for $15 they lose me as a customer.

Oh and they have an F rating with the BBB... now I know why. I'll be switching to the other driver's ins company..they have an A+ :). Most expensive $15 ever Des Jardin..lost me as a customer and my $1800 in annual premiums. Good job.

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